Relationships can bring us our greatest joy or our deepest pain. Let us help you learn effective relationship skills as you enter into the longterm commitment of marriage through our "Prepare" premarital coaching course. Marriage enrichment is something every couple should experience and it's closer and more attainable than you may think. In just a few sessions couples have discovered communication and conflict resolution skills that help them get beyond just surviving to thriving!


Invest in your Relationship ...

Come and experience the "Prepare Enrich" relationship assessment and process that have thoroughly elevated millions of couples to a place of health and happiness. Whether you are just starting out as a couple or have been sharing life together for years, we can help you better communicate and resolve conflicts that block intimacy.



- Communication

- Resolution

- Intimacy



We use PREPARE/ENRICH material in concurrence with our Wisepath pre-marital coaching, to help you prepare for the wonder of marriage heres how it works.. 

Preparation is the key to success in most everything we do and marriage is certainly no exception. There are so many things to prepare for and decide to make your wedding day dreams come true but what about your marriage? Pre-marital counseling provides you and your loved one an opportunity to prepare beyond the wedding day to make your marriage the healthy, vibrant relationship you’ve always hoped for.

While love for one another is the most important factor, it’s not the only one. There are actually nine aspects to a healthy marriage relationship and each are vitally important to discover for a happy, healthy marriage.

PREPARE/ENRICH will help you:

·   Identify strength and growth areas

·   Explore personality traits

·   Strengthen communication skills

·   Resolve conflicts and reduce stress

·   Compare family backgrounds

·   Comfortably discuss financial issues

·   Establish personal, couple, and family goals

What is included in the Wisepath pre-marital counseling package?

·  Free, initial 30 min. consultation

·   Prepare/Enrich Online Couples Assessment

·   Four-1 hour Counseling Sessions

·   Session 1 –  Intro to Prepare/Enrich and discover the data of the relationship report.

·   Sessions 2-4 – Assessment Feedback and Relationship Skill Building

·   Package price $495


What is included in the Wisepath Relationship Coaching Package?

·  Free, initial 30 min. consultation

·  1st Session: 90 min. discovery session

·  Session 2 - remaining sessions are scheduled for 1 hr., twice per month

·  3 month - 12 month packages available


Contact us to begin the assessment and to schedule your pre-martial counseling sessions or to simply gather

more information. We look forward to helping you with your future!